5 Tips you need to know before going to a concert

Aug 29, 2022

It’s festival season and your kid is probably going on her first adventure pretty soon 🙂 From things like wearing comfy teenage underwear and shoes and staying in touch, to where to get the “good” tickets, we bring you guys a few tips to help them (and you!!!) navigate this cool experience and make it memorable for all the right reasons! 


1. Get official tickets!

It might sound tempting to get a cheaper ticket on a shady website, but this is a gamble. The best approach is to get the tickets on the official website (usually promoted by the artist) or on legit websites like SeatGeek and StubHub.

Avoid places like:  viagogo, Facebook, GetMeIn, eBay and Gumtree! 

2. Check the rules!

Some venues have specific rules, like only allowing transparent bags, not allowing any type of liquids (even water), Covid mandates like masks or Covid tests, etc. It is better to know these beforehand to avoid having to throw in the trash your precious unicorn water bottle!

3. Plan your look!

Besides looking as cute as humanly possible, there are a few other things you might want to consider for this type of event. For example, use comfortable shoes and avoid heels, which might seem like a good idea at home but not so much when you are walking in weird terrain and then standing on grass for hours. Keep jewellery to a minimum, use underwear that is comfortable and allows you lots of movement, and don’t wear many layers. (Remember that Sugaplum offers the best teenager underwear for this exact purpose!) Carry a crossbody bag that you can keep in front of you at all times for basic essentials (keys, phone, id). 

4. Stay safe!!!

Always stay with your group and if you need to separate, always take someone with you. Establish a meeting point early in the day in case someone gets separated and communications are cut. Also, avoid the mosh! It’s where people usually get seriously hurt. It usually becomes chaotic quite easily, so it might be hard to get proper medical attention in case of an injury. 

5. Be in touch!

Bring your phone fully charged. Also, bring the charger with you: in these events battery runs out very easily (you will probably end with LOTS of videos and photos and selfies at the end of the day!). It is very easy to have no battery at the end of the day, which might be the point where you need the phone the most if you get separated from your group.

Touch base with your parents at some point during the event (a quick selfie with a message will do the job!) 

As usual, remember to keep hydrated (even with those crazy water prices they usually have) and to bring some cash with you (because it might get hard to pay with cards).

The last thing you need to remember is… enjoy your experience! Concerts and festivals somehow are events that you will remember for years and years and they always feel fun and fresh 🙂

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