Cold Weather, COVID And What You Need To Know

Dec 8, 2020

Every winter, grandparents, parents, aunties and uncles all seem to offer strange advice about how to stay well during the colder months. Grannies may tell you not to go outside with wet hair because you’ll catch a cold, uncles may say that you should put vapour rub on your feet if you have a cough! While there is usually a reason behind their sayings, they’re not always correct or backed up with real, scientific evidence. 

So, what do you really need to know this winter and what are the cold weather and COVID myths that need debunking? 

Can Cold Weather Kill COVID?

Sadly, there is no evidence that cold weather, snow or ice will kill the Coronavirus. In fact, the World Health Organization says the virus can be transmitted in all climate types. So, it can be transmitted in warm, humid places and cold, dry climates too. 

Can You Get Sick If You Don’t Layer Up?

Does it seem like you spend most of the winter putting on countless layers to go outside and then ages to take them all off again when you get back home? While it can feel really nice and cosy to wear lots of layers (check out our super-cute vests, perfect for layering), they won’t stop you from catching a cold or flu. It is important to be warm and comfortable, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear everything you own. 

In fact, people are more likely to catch a cold by staying indoors in close proximity to people, rather than going outside in fresh air. So don’t be afraid to go out for some bracing winter walks! 

Can Young People Catch COVID?

Lots of governments around the world are allowing children to go back to school, despite lockdown restrictions being in place. This isn’t because kids are immune to COVID. Young people can still catch Coronavirus. However, studies suggest that most young people will only experience very mild symptoms or even have no symptoms at all. 

That said, children with underlying health conditions can become very poorly with COVID, so it is important to stay safe and socially distance so you can help to keep you and everyone else safe. 

Is Christmas Cancelled?

There is lots of negative news about what will happen at Christmas and whether lockdowns will be in place or the rule of six. But this doesn’t mean that Christmas is cancelled. Yes, things may be slightly different, and we don’t yet know how big gatherings can be, but there will still be lots of socially distant and safe festive events happening. So, don’t be too disheartened and use this year as a chance as a time to create new traditions and enjoy different festive adventures that you wouldn’t usually choose. How about making Christmas cards for delivery drivers if you shop online? Especially if they’re bringing you lovely SugaPlum goodies! Also, check out local events are there are lots of drive-by Christmas experiences such as drive-by carolling and festive light displays!

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