Time To Set The Record Straight About Periods

Aug 28, 2020

Time Of The Month. Aunty Flow. Lady Time. Shark Week. Monthly Visitor. Code Red.

There are loads of phrases that we use to talk about periods, without having to say the word menstruation. The UK isn’t the only place to have strange names for periods either. For example, in France, they may say ‘the English have landed!’. In South Africa, a popular phrase is ‘Granny’s stuck in traffic’ while in Germany they may say menstruation is ‘when the cranberry woman is coming’.

These are just some of the weird and wonderful ways that people across the world talk about their periods. While it may be enhancing your vocabulary, most people use these phrases because they are too embarrassed to actually talk about menstruation.

So, SugaPlum is here to change that. We want to start by setting the record straight about periods. By this, we want to make it comfortable to discuss menstruation and myth-bust some of the most common misconceptions!

Here are just a few of the most popular myths you may have heard about periods; busted!

Myth: Periods Are Shameful

Fact: Periods Are Normal

There are lots of people who have a period. In fact, when you’re on your period, there are around 800 million people in the world who are also menstruating that day! It’s a totally normal and routine function of the body. So, yes you might not want to announce all of your bodily functions to the world, or maybe you’re loud and proud about every detail – whatever works for you, know that it is nothing to feel ashamed about.

Myth: Periods Are Just For Women

Fact: People Have Periods

It is important to note that if you have a uterus, you may menstruate. This means that individuals who do not identify as women may have periods. It is wise to use gender-neutral language when talking about periods. People from all identities may have periods or may not, and there are loads of reasons why that is the case.

Myth: You are Supposed To Get Your Period When You’re 13

Fact: There Is No ‘Normal’ Age For Your First Period

If you’re worried that you’re the only one in your friendship group who hasn’t had their period or perhaps the only one who has, don’t worry. There is no specific age to get your period. In most cases, periods begin between the age of nine and 15. However, some can be earlier, and some can be later, and that’s fine too. If there is still no sign of your period when you are 15, it can help to mention this to your GP, just to make sure all is well.

Myth: You Should Rest During Your Period

Fact: Exercise Can Help Relieve PMS Pains

Some people can suffer from menstrual cramps during their period. Cramps can be painful, but exercise can really help to ease the pain. In fact, we created a blog post about the best yoga

exercises for period pain, which you can check out here.

So, while exercise is safe during your period and can help to ease the pain, you may also feel more tired than normal. So, just listen to what your body wants! Maybe you need to go to bed earlier some days; perhaps you feel like you’re ready for anything! Go with what works for you.

Another myth that ties into this is swimming during your period. You totally can go swimming if you want to. A tampon can often be the best form of period protection when you’re in the pool. So there is no excuse not to grab your swimwear and head to the pool to stretch out those tummy muscles and take your mind off any discomfort that your period may bring.

Remember, if you’re unsure if your period is ‘normal’ or worry that something isn’t quite right, don’t be afraid to seek help. There is no need to feel embarrassed. Instead, reach out to a trusted adult or GP who will be able to reassure you and offer help.

Final thought; don’t believe all you hear about periods, there are lots of myths out there. However, in most cases, your period is a normal event that doesn’t have to hold you back!

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