Meet Papyrus: SugaPlum’s Favourite Charity

Jun 25, 2020

Did you know every purchase made helps us meet our target of donating 5% of our profits to charity? 

This means that every time you buy a bra, pants, bikini or anything else from SugaPlum, you are contributing to an amazing cause. This means you get to feel fabulous twice – you have a gorgeous new set of undies, and you are doing a good deed too. 

At SugaPlum, we proudly support a charity called Papyrus. Papyrus is a charity that is working really hard to prevent young people from committing suicide. It is a cause that is really important to us, and we know it is also very important too many people who are your age as well.  

Who Are Papyrus? 

Papyrus work up and down the UK to support young people in the best way they can. They help young people who are;

  • Contemplating or attempting to commit suicide
  • Struggling to share how they are really feeling 
  • Harming themselves
  • Experiencing suffering or sadness
  • Feeling like they don’t have a way out of their current situation. 

The Papyrus team know how difficult it can be to talk about suicide or how frightening it can be if your friends or family talk about ending their life. This is why Papyrus has a free and confidential helpline where you can speak to someone if you are thinking about suicide or are worried about someone you know. 

In Honour Of Geneva

Young suicide is actually the reason why SugaPlum is in existence today. In 2018, Geneva, the daughter of SugaPlum’s founder, sadly took her own life. Geneva was at university. After graduating with first-class honours, Geneva went on to study for her master’s degree. Sadly, Geneva’s mental health declined, and she committed suicide.

So, in honour of Geneva, SugaPlum was created. Geneva was the bright spark and the incredible inspiration for the brand that we’re so proud of. And, to help make sure that others who are struggling with their mental health have support, SugaPlum partners Papyrus – a charity that can really make a difference and can help to prevent young suicide.  

Heartbreakingly, suicide is the biggest killer for people under the age of 35. Papyrus is a vital charity to help lower this figure and make sure that mental health is a priority for young people. Let’s save as many lives as we can. 

How Do Papyrus Help Kids?

Papyrus offers lots of support to children, teens and young adults. Some of the ways they help with suicide prevention include;

A Free Support Line

Any young people who are struggling with their emotions, feeling suicidal or is concerned that someone they know may be suicidal can call 0800 068 4141 for free support and advice. If you don’t like calling, you can also text your concerns to  07860039967 or email

Find out more about the support line, called HOPELINEUK, here. 

Free Information

If you feel suicidal, are worried about someone or want to know more about suicide and why these feelings can occur, then the Papyrus website has loads of really useful information. You’re bound to find the answers to all the questions you may have about suicide. If you can’t find the answers to your questions, then you can ring or text the support line. 

Influence And Campaign

With under-18s not being able to vote, we know it can be difficult for young people to get their voices heard. This is why the Papyrus team work hard to campaign for suicide prevention strategies. Papyrus creates lots of campaigns to make sure that young suicide is an issue that is taken very seriously. 

Suicide Prevention Skills

With lots of volunteers, Papyrus visit lots of communities to deliver training programmes. These training programmes help people in the community to spot the warning signs of suicide and to put in place their suicide prevention skills. 

Why SugaPlum Supports Papyrus

With Geneva as the brand’s inspiration, the SugaPlum team knows first-hand how difficult it can be to lose someone you love. We want to make it our mission that no family has to go through the same thing again and to make sure that young people have the support they need to get through difficult times. 

We know that Papyrus is doing an incredible job of saving the lives of young people. 

So, while they keep doing their incredible work, we’ll keep supporting them as well as giving them a share of our profits and donating whenever we can. So, if you have questions about suicide, feel suicidal or are worried about your friends or people at school, then check out the Papyrus website that offers free advice and guidance.

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