Keeping Your Summer Assets In Tip Top Condition!

Aug 13, 2020

During summer, we all want to look and feel our best. Summer is for having fun and feeling relaxed, and that can’t happen if our assets aren’t at the top of their game. 

So, what are your summer assets? You, your skin and your swimwear, of course! 

You can’t feel your best feel if you suffer from sunburn, feel down or if your old, uncared for bikini falls off when you jump in the pool!  So, here’s the lowdown on how to keep these three aspects in the best possible condition.

Summer Asset Number 1 – You

This year has been super weird, and you deserve a summer break where you can relax and be worry-free before school starts again. So, take some time to really relax. Get comfy in the garden with a good book, podcast or a journal and relish this time without homework. 

Make sure you’re feeling good inside too. A jug of healthy watermelon lemonade is a great way to cool off and keep your hydration up! All you need to do is blitz 300g of watermelon, the juice of two lemons and two teaspoons of honey in a blender. Then, mix this with one litre of sparkling water. Add ice, lemon slices and mint to the jug, and you’ve got a tasty pink mocktail.

Want more colour? Then upgrade your lunch with mood-boosting rainbow rolls! They’re super nutritious and totally Instagrammable too! Check out Amber’s Rainbow Roll recipe on Instagram. She also offers a delicious satay sauce recipe to go with them. 

Summer Asset Number 2 – Your Skin

There is nothing worse than sunburn, but we know that sunscreen can lead to more breakouts too. So, start getting to know your skin – is it dry, oily or combination? Then, in summer, try to limit your skincare to the essentials. 

Cleanse your skin every morning and evening and follow up with a non-greasy moisturiser that suits your skin type. A gel-based moisturiser feels really cooling and refreshing in summer. Make sure to only use a gentle face scrub once a week. If you use a scrub more than this, then it can actually make your skin oilier. 

It is so important to apply sunscreen every day. There are now lots of oil-free sunscreens which can help to prevent blemishes and stop your skin from feeling heavy and oily. SPF is so essential to help prevent against skin cancer and also will keep your skin looking amazing as you age. So, make sure to apply SPF generously and top up the protection regularly throughout the day.

Summer Asset Number 3 – Your Swimwear

Swimwear is a summer must-have, whether that’s a bikini, tankini or full swimsuit. You want it to not only look good but also fit well, so there will be no accidents when you’re splashing around. 

At SugaPlum, our swimwear collection is designed to be super supportive, flattering and comfortable. Whether your sunbathing or swimming, our swimwear is designed to stay in place. But, you can make sure your swimsuit maintains its shape and looks good for even longer with a little bit of care. 

For a start, make sure you rinse your swimwear thoroughly after use. Even if you’re just sunbathing, sunscreen chemicals can cause damage, so it’s important to give your bikini a thorough rinse. Then, it is best to hand wash your swimwear. Use just a mild hand soap rather than washing detergent. Make sure you rinse all of the soap out thoroughly. 

Finally, don’t wring out the bikini as that can cause fibres to break, which may make your swimwear sag in all the wrong places! Instead, wrap your swimsuit in a towel to get rid of most of the water, then lay your swimwear flat so it can dry in its ideal shape and is ready for the next day! 

Want to find your perfect swimwear for this summer? Check out our beautiful Boobs & Bloomers range here!

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