Five Top Books To Get Lost In This Autumn

Sep 19, 2020

As much as we don’t want to admit it, summer is coming to an end. The nights are drawing in, the weather is definitely cooler, but this doesn’t have to suck! Autumn provides the perfect excuse to snuggle under a blanket, drink endless hot chocolates and pumpkin spice frappes and get lost in the best books around. So, what should be at the top of your reading list this autumn?

The Fault In Our Stars – John Green

You may have seen the film already, but arguably, the book is much better. The Fault In Our Stars follows the lives of two teenagers determined to make the most of life, even though their time on earth is limited. There’s romance, hilarity and a powerful insight into what it’s like to live with a terminal illness. You’ll cry in places, but you’ll also laugh too in this beautifully written book.

If you like this try: They Both Die At The End – Adam Silvera – another book about the last days on earth following two boys as they learn about life and love.

Challenge Everything – Blue Sandford

If Greta Thunberg is your hero, then this book is a must-read. The book is a handbook by Extinction Rebellion Youth and covers exactly how you can make a difference and save the planet. From how to challenge the government, make lifestyle adjustments and protest peacefully, this can help you to change the world for the better.

If you like this try: The Survival Game – Nicky Singer this beautiful piece of fiction is set in 2049 after the earth has heated up and the world is a much harsher place to live in, this story talks about what it means to survive and how simple acts of kindness can change everything.

Jemima Small Versus The Universe – Tamsin Winter

School life isn’t always easy, and as we step into Jemima Small’s world, we see the difficulties of school life through Jemima’s eyes. This book talks about Jemima joining the school ‘healthy lifestyle group’ also known as Fat Club. This book is the perfect comfort read if ever you’ve worried about body image and low self-esteem and sensitively shows you how you can shine and skyrocket your confidence.

If you like this try: You Should See Me In A Crown – Leah Johnson. This book is smart, sassy and downright hilarious while also exploring complex themes of feeling too poor, too awkward and too black in her prom-obsessed school. This book cleverly explores issues of race, class and sexuality in a fun and vibrant way.

The Boxer – Nikesh Shukla

Even if you don’t like boxing, this book will keep you gripped. Set over ten rounds of his first fight, we hear the story of Sunny, a boy who joins a boxing club after a racist attack. As Far Right tensions rise, we see the struggle between Sunny and his best friend Keir, whom he fears he’s losing to radicalisation. This book is life-affirming about discovering real friends and understanding your place in the world.

If you like this try: The Good Immigrant also by Nikesh Shukla which covers 21 essays from BAME voices across the UK and gives a powerful insight into the view of Britain today. Alternatively, try The One Who Wrote Destiny by the same author. In this, lead character Neha has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, the same that killed her mother and is determined to find out whether this illness really was her destiny.

I Will Not Be Erased – gal-dem

If you’ve ever felt different, isolated or uncool, this is the book for you. This book focuses on owning your uniqueness and covers a range of topics surrounding identity, sexuality, family and power. It’s time to listen to that inner voice of yours and understand that you are not alone and that it’s time to own that confidence, self-worth and show your personality with pride.

If you like this try: Everything Everything – Nicola Yoon. This may seem like a typical boy-meets-girl love story but really tunes into feeling different from everyone else. Lead character Maddy has a condition where she’s allergic to the outside world. This book shows how your uniqueness will not stop you from finding happiness and true love.

So, what are you waiting for, find a quiet, cosy space and get lost in the stories between the pages!

Do you have any books which you think deserve to be on every must-read list? We’d love to hear what books have changed your life and have become your favourite books of all time.

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