Become Your Own Comic Book Superhero

May 7, 2020

In times like these, the world definitely needs more superheroes. So, why not make that next superhero you? If you have more time because of lockdown, now’s the perfect time to become an amazing superhero in your own comic book!

Don’t know where to start? Follow our top tips from the comic book experts.

How To Create Your Own Superhero

Choose A Special Power

Before you begin drawing, you need an idea of who your superhero is. Usually, the first step is to think of their magical powers. Will they be super-strong? Will they have an in-built lie detector? Will they have animal traits or fly? Start by considering what magical power you would want to have and work out what that power would look like on a person.

If you want to go really detailed, you may want to consider how the superhero got their power – this will be your superhero backstory.

Create A Personality

What will your superhero act like and speak like? What do they love and what do they hate? Remember, some superheroes have alter-egos – will your superhero transform from ordinary to magical in just one spin?

Start Drawing

Now you know the power and the personality, we bet you’ve got an image in your head of what your superhero will look like, what clothes they wear and what tools they’ll need to help them in their adventures. 

Remember, all the best superheroes have their own logo too. 

Check out this video for how to draw your superhero – then you can add your own personality. If you don’t like the cute style of this drawing, then check out this cartoon style.

Don’t Forget The Name! Your superhero needs a special name. If you’ve already thought of one – great! If you need help, try out this superhero name generator.

How To Create Your Own Comic Book

Think Of Ideas

Each comic has its own story. This will be a particular problem that the superhero will need to solve. It could be something a villain has done that the superhero needs to fix. 

You may have lots of ideas for the different adventures for your superhero. It is best to write a list of all of these before you start. Then, select one to focus on. 

It is well worth keeping a notebook of story ideas. This is so that when you are drawing, and another idea comes into mind, you can note it down and not get distracted.

Comic books work best when it is an easy story to follow;

  • Introduction
  • Problem
  • Superhero solution
  • Conclusion.

Set The Scene

Now you have an idea; it is time to think about the details. For example, where will it take place? What will your superhero be doing before the event? How will the superhero fix the problem? Will there be any fight scenes or altercations along the way?

Design Your Storyboard

This is where you can map out your story. It is time to work out what key stages you need to draw. Remember, you don’t need to draw every detail. Instead, each square in your comic book should be a clear snapshot of the scene so that your reader fully understands what is going on. 

Storyboarding is a great way to make sure you’ve got an easy-to-follow story while also getting rid of any scene that doesn’t enhance the story. 

So, map it out and don’t be afraid to cross out scenes or add more in. If you don’t want to waste paper when drawing out your storyboard, check out this online storyboard creator that you can use to develop your comic book.

Bring Your Comic To Life

Now you know exactly what to draw and how the story will unfold, you can begin creating your masterpiece! Need some art tips for creating your comic strip?

  • This video shows how to use paint in your comic book
  • Watch this if you need help with your comic book cover
  • This tutorial can help you create a teeny-tiny comic book using just one sheet of A4 paper. 

We can’t wait to see what your comic books look like and find out about your amazing superhero powers!

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