80% Of Teenagers Wear The Wrong-Sized Bra: Here’s How To Get The First Bra Right

Mar 30, 2020

First Bra Right

Bras are meant to be comfortable and supportive, but more than eight in ten females are wearing the wrong size. This can cause a range of issues, such as back pain. So, if you think your daughter is ready for her first bra, how can you check whether it is the right time, and what can you do the make sure it is the right size? 

The Right Time For A First Bra

There is no right age for a first bra. Typically, the right time will be when a girl is beginning puberty. When this happens, she may begin to develop breast buds. These will usually form small lumps under the nipple. At this point, she may start feeling self-conscious about her body and breast shape. She may worry that the breasts are showing through her top, especially when the nipples become bigger and darker in colour – a completely normal aspect of puberty. 

Is Your Tween Ready?

Some tweens will be desperate to go bra shopping, especially if all their friends are wearing one. Other girls may run a mile at the thought of buying a bra. During this time, it is vital to be as supportive as possible.  

Look out for changes in your tween; maybe they have started to compare body and breast sizes with their friends. Perhaps they hunch over or try to cover their bodies with baggy clothing. You may notice a lack of confidence. All of these changes can be a great time to talk with your tween and look for ways that you support them. A bra or a crop-stop style sports bra may help your tween to feel more relaxed in social situations or more comfortable when playing sports. 

Finding The Perfect Bra

One of the most significant issues when bra shopping with a tween is getting the right style. Your tween doesn’t want babyish vests while it many shops don’t stock sizes for tween body shapes. Plus, lots of these styles are far too grown-up and much too uncomfortable. Your tween needs something stylish and fun, with the same personality as them. All the while, this bra should be soft and supportive, so that they are happy and confident wearing it.  

At SugaPlum, we get that it is not easy to find bras for teenagers. This is why we set up SugaPlum and created a whole host of teen (and parent) approved underwear. With soft, comfy, easy-to-wear bras in lots of colours, designs and styles as well as matching briefs, shorts and thongs to suit their needs. 

With our online shop, there is no embarrassing trip to town. Together you can sit down and look at all the options, finding the perfect option that they can’t wait to wear! We offer a range for both younger girls and more mature teens to get the right look and style for their age range. We even do swimwear too! 

What’s more, SugaPlum gives back. 5% of the SugaPlum profits go directly to Papyrus, a charity that works to prevent young suicides.

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