How To Thrive When Your Lessons Move Online

Jan 18, 2021

To say school in 2020 wasn’t quite as expected would be a MASSIVE understatement. While you might be in the classroom a bit more now, it is likely that you’re doing a lot of lessons online too.

Shifting into the virtual classroom and having lessons from home can be a really hard adjustment to make. Your brain associates school with learning and home with relaxing, so if you’re struggling with online lessons, don’t worry, it is completely normal and understandable. However, there are some adjustments you can make to help you to thrive (and boost your grades) when studying online;

Virtual Homework Club

If you’re missing the social interaction of school, then you may have no desire to do your homework either. You can make the best of both worlds by setting up a virtual homework club with your friends. During this time, you can talk through your homework, generate ideas together and get to work, knowing that you’re not alone.

Perhaps one of you can put Spotify on to keep you all in the zone. Having your videos on will give you accountability, and your friends can help if they see that you’re distracted or checking your phone! If you’re revising, then you can all create quizzes to test each other’s knowledge.

Consider Online Tutors And Tutorials

If you’re struggling with a particular subject or module, then look outside of your online classroom for support. It may be that you can ask an online tutor for support. Alternatively, there are loads of study resources online from YouTube videos, interactive games and mock exams, to help the knowledge to really sink in.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Your teachers know that the pandemic has been so difficult for lots of teens and completely understand that it may have impacted your learning. So, if you’re struggling, then do seek help from your teacher, they will be kind, supportive and understand what you’re going through. Your teacher may be able to give you extra materials or further feedback to give you more support.

Give Yourself A Screen Break

If you’re sat at your screen for online school, then the last thing your brain needs when you finish school for the day is yet more screens. Instead of going straight to Netflix or scrolling through TikTok, try having a screen time break. Perhaps you can go for a walk, bake a treat or help cook dinner or do a workout. This can really help give your eyes and brain a rest!

Create A Study Space

The kitchen table can be super distracting when your family are bustling in and out. Similarly, your bed is not conducive for work. So, try and create a space which is peaceful and calm and the perfect place to study. Add a plant to your desk, and make sure your chair is comfortable and supportive for your back. It is really important to have a separate study and chill-out space so you can put yourself in the right frame of mind when it is time to learn or relax.

Practise Self-Care

You’re going through a lot right now, and if school is becoming a struggle, then you need to make sure you’re looking after yourself more than ever. Focus on eating well and healthily. Try and keep track of how much water you drink (having a water bottle on your desk can really help) to make sure you’re hydrated. Ensure you get enough sleep too, by turning off all screens (phone included!) at least an hour before bed and try to get at least eight hours of sleep per night.

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