How to approach the first bra as a parent of a teenager

Sep 16, 2021

When you have kids, there are many uncomfortable conversations that you dread having with your children. From awkward situations at school to weird friends, trust us, we’re a fully paid-up member of that club! As moms we want the best for our girls, and that usually just means getting the best teenage bras. But, how to approach this subject?

Some conversations don’t have to be embarrassing though. For example, helping your teen or pre-teen daughter buy her first bra.

If you’re a little tongue-tied about approaching the subject, here are some of our tried-and-tested tips.

Take the initiative

Puberty is a confusing experience for any teen. Your hormones are running wild, you feel happy, angry and sad in the space of ten minutes and… you’re pretty sure those hairs weren’t there yesterday!

Your teen may see her friends’ wearing sports bras for the first time, but not have the confidence to ask for her own. It may be the case that she’s started to develop breasts, but she doesn’t know she needs a bra just yet.

Have a chat with your teen, just the two of you in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Keep the conversation casual and light. Think about your own experiences as a teen. What did your parents say, or what could they have said, to make things easier for you?

If you approach the subject of a bra and your teen doesn’t want to talk about it, don’t force it. Just let her know that she can come to you whenever she is ready.

Respect her privacy

Even though it’s a natural part of life, most teens don’t want other people to know about the changes going on in their bodies, not even their best friends.
Treat any discussions you have together with complete confidentiality and don’t share any information with family, work colleagues or friends.

Not only can you embarrass your teen this way, but it may mean she won’t come to you if she has any other questions about her body in the future.

Make it a positive experience for her

You may feel a little sad because buying a bra means your little girl is becoming a woman. However, you should both celebrate this occasion. Your teen is growing up, and the changes she is experiencing are normal and natural. 

Make the bra buying experience a day to remember. If your teen loves going shopping, make a day of it, go for lunch and buy some treats together.

If your teen is shy, there are lots of fabulous best teenage bras you can buy online. Have an evening browsing for styles she likes, and celebrate with snacks and her favourite film when you’re done.

Talking to your teen about breasts and bras may feel like an awkward experience, but it’s something that needs to be done. After all, we all go through puberty, and we need all the support we can get during this time (no pun intended).

The main thing is buying your teen a bra that she feels confident and secure in, and letting her know you’re there to answer any questions she has.

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