Express Yourself! Why Your Mental Health Matters

Feb 16, 2021

This week is Children’s Mental Health Week. It’s a seven-day event to help spread awareness about the importance of children’s mental health and to promote support that is available for kids and teens. Mental health is often something that many kids and young adults struggle to talk about, but Children’s Mental Health Week is here to help to make those conversations easier.

Why Your Mental Health Matters

Did you know that one in six children has a diagnosable mental health problem?

If you think about how many people you know at school, clubs and in your circle of friends, many of them may be struggling with their mental health right now.

What’s more, COVID means that even more kids and teens are struggling with their mental health. Life as we know it has changed so much with the pandemic. It is completely understandable to feel overwhelmed, stressed, upset, lonely and angry. You might feel all of these things all at the same time!

Now, more than ever, it is so important to look after your mental health. By taking care to look after your wellbeing now, you can help to prevent mental health problems in the future.

If your usual method of releasing stress and looking after yourself is no longer available (thanks, lockdown), then Children’s Mental Health Week is here to help. You can find new ways to improve your mental wellbeing all tailored around their 2021 theme: Express Yourself!

Top Tips To Express Yourself!

1. Be brave with your style

One of the ways we can feel good is in what we wear. The fashion designer, Marc Jacobs, says; “clothing is a form of self-expression”. What you wear and how you wear it can make you feel good because it shows your personality. If this makes you nervous, start with your underwear and choose colours, prints and patterns that make you feel good. Then gradually explore other clothing items that showcase your unique style.

If your existing clothing doesn’t quite match your personality, ask your parents, and maybe you can customise it? You can try transfers, fabric pens and even get sewing to make your clothes one-of-a-kind!

2. Use emojis!

Sometimes it can be really hard to actually say the words that you’re feeling. As a result, your parents may not understand what’s going on with you. So instead of shouting’ “you don’t understand me!” and slamming the door or being excruciatingly embarrassed by telling them all your secrets, suggest using an emoji chart.

Everyone in your household can share the emojis that they’re feeling that day.


If you share 😡 – people will know that you need space.

If your mum shares 😴 – you can entertain your younger brother for a while to give her a rest.

Maybe your older sister will share 🥰 – which means she is far more likely to let you borrow her stuff! 

3. Get creative

Expressing yourself doesn’t mean you have to always talk about your feelings. Instead, you can express yourself with art. It may be drawing and painting; however, it could also be writing, dancing, acting or even doing impressive makeup designs. These all offer a great what to show who you are and help you get all of your emotions out in a fun, expressive way.

Take Care Of Your Mental Health

Remember, if you’re struggling with your mental health, there is lots of free help and support out there. At SugaPlum, we partner with Papyrus who you can call, text and email completely confidentially for any mental health support you need. Don’t be afraid to reach out; there are lots of people out there who want to help.

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