Activism: How You Can Make A Difference This Summer!

Jul 27, 2020

2020, so far, has been a crazy year. There’s no denying that there has been A LOT of negatives this year. But, what has been truly inspirational is the way people are overcoming adversities. Have you decided that enough is enough and that it is time to take action for the things you believe in?

Already this year, you may have supported vulnerable people in your community as a response to COVID-19, you may have raised funds for charities, perhaps you joined a Black Lives Matter march. However, as the summer break starts, you may find that there is less to participate in and fewer events happening. So how can you keep up the momentum of fighting for change and make a real difference this summer?

Black Lives Matter

The key to successful activism is education. With summer stretching in front of you, you can spend time reading insightful books that can help you have a greater understanding of racism. There are lots of non-fiction and fiction books out that which are really thought-provoking and can help you see different events from different perspectives.

Some books to check out include; The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas, Dear Martin by Nic Stone and Slay by Brittany Morris. If you’d like more reading suggestions, check out the reading lists here, here and here!

As well as this, you can also find ways to fundraise and donate to Black Lives Matter organisations such as The Official George Floyd Memorial Fund and stay up to date with the latest news at Black Lives Matter.


If Greta Thunberg is your activism hero, then you should definitely check out WildWEB. Launched by Action for Conservation, WildWEB is a free digital programme for teens aged 13-17. Every week, you’ll cover a different issue that the planet is facing and learn how your activism can make a difference.

These weekly sessions offer loads of great tips such as understanding how to campaign, what you can do around the home, how to tackle politicians with powerful, persuasive writing, public speaking and filmmaking and even going viral on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

Whatever you want to stand for, this digital series is a great way to understand what it takes to be an activist and all of the many things you can do to change the world.

WildWEB is free to join here.

NHS Cadets

If the incredible work of health workers inspires you, then maybe a career in the NHS is your dream job. To mark the 72nd anniversary of the NHS, the NHS and St John Ambulance have launched NHS Cadets. These cadets will receive leadership skills training and first aid training as well as opportunities to volunteer too. This type of action can not only save lives but may also lead you to find your dream job in the future! It also looks great on your college and uni applications too!

You can find out more about the NHS Cadet schemes here.

So, hopefully, these three starting points are a fab way to fill your summer days and to know that YOU CAN make a difference to the causes you care about this summer! So, what’s first on your change-the-world list?

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